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Dear Maine: Get ready for HUGE SPIKES in your electric bill

If you like to pay steep increases in your light bill, then you’re probably a strong supporter of blowing up Maine’s mountain tops to build more industrial wind turbines. WATCH THIS VIDEO to find out what we mean.

CLICK THE IMAGE for video.

CLICK THE IMAGE for video.

Remember, folks, wind turbines only work about 25% of the time at best. Plus, if you build industrial turbines on mountain tops where there is no existing infrastructure, then you ALSO have to build the transmission lines all across the state. The only thing that makes this scheme work is taxpayer and ratepayer subsidies. That’s right, YOU pay the freight, while the developers pocket millions and ruin Maine’s scenic wilderness areas. That’s why Central Maine Power raised its rates by almost 20% recently.

You can expect more increases into the future, unless the Maine Legislature changes course. During this Legislative session they refused to modify Maine’s wind goals. So if you like paying drastically higher bills, pat your state legislator on the back. If you think wind energy should LOWER your light bill, then tell your state legislator to make some changes --- fast.

WATCH OUR VIDEO and read this article in Forbes, “Wind Industry Study: Electricity Prices Skyrocketing In Largest Wind Power States.”

FMM probes --- is First Wind stiffing Mainers?

CLICK ON IMAGE for video report.

CLICK ON IMAGE for video report.

(Portland, Maine) The voice of wind opposition in Maine, Friends of Maine’s Mountains (FMM), has been receiving reports that workers associated with First Wind’s industrial wind project in Oakfield may not be getting paid. In a YouTube VIDEO published today, the group issued a call to its network, asking anyone having more information about possible nonpayment to report it to the anti-wind group.


“We want to be on top of this information, because we’re bird-dogging it,” said Chris O’Neil, FMM spokesperson. “If they’re stiffing loggers and skidder drivers up there, we want to know.”

O’Neil said a recent decision by Maine’s supreme court could doom First Wind’s future in Maine, because the state’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has asked First Wind if it now has enough funding to finish four projects in the state worth $1 billion (See Portland Press Herald, “Maine DEP asks First Wind to re-prove its financial capacity,” 4/9/14). He said FMM will immediately forward any evidence of the company’s financial hardships to top officials at the DEP. To contact Friends of Maine’s Mountains, write to: MaineMountainFriends@gmail.com.

What will take to stop wind turbines in Maine?

Frankly, it’s going to take resources. Financial resources if possible, but especially time resources, human resources and communications resources. Friends of Maine’s Mountains is very pleased to introduce a significant upgrade to our website, a first of many steps as we continue to turn up the heat on the industrial wind lobby. Here’s a VERY SHORT VIDEO WELCOME, and we invite you to visit us often as momentum increases. As wind foes pool our limited resources and continue to collaborate across a broad spectrum of interests, our effectiveness will continue to improve!

CLICK ON THE IMAGE to view a quick welcome video.

CLICK ON THE IMAGE to view a quick welcome video.

High-priced warning to Maine from Europe

It chic to think that Europe leads the way on green energy. They’re certainly ahead of us in discovering that if you’re not careful, spikes in your electric bill are your reward when the turbines come online.

It chic to think that Europe leads the way on green energy. They’re certainly ahead of us in discovering that if you’re not careful, spikes in your electric bill are your reward when the turbines come online.

Wind power has a role in certain places, but if it significantly raises the cost of electricity for working Mainers, NO THANKS. Especially if it obliterates our scenic mountain ridges, a powerful draw for in-state tourists and those from away who pump millions into Maine’s economy every year.

 Much of the general public is “sold” on the idea (literally) that all wind power is great. They think if wind itself is free, well, wind energy “must” lower our energy bills. Think again. And if the industrial wind turbines are already approved and built, that’s when it’s too late to do your homework.

 Rasmus Petersen (R), the climate and energy minister for the country of Denmark, apologized recently for the high electricity rates produced by an industrial wind complex his country allowed to be built in coastal waters. “We need to have a clear objective that energy from future offshore wind farms be significantly lower in price.” Unless the price of electricity drops, the Danish government is threatening to pull the plug on lavish subsidies for the industry. After the Winter of 2014, anybody here in Maine in the mood to pa yhigher energy costs? Read the rest of the story here at this link.

BULLETIN for Maine people --- keep tabs on Augusta!

If you couldn’t personally oppose the industrial wind lobbyists in Augusta last week, Chris O’Neil reports on the action you missed.

Or to put it another way, watch your wallet. As you probably know, the hallways at our Statehouse are where the industrial wind tycoons wheel and deal. It’s called passing a law to lock in profits. Lots of them.

We’re watching. Friends of Maine’s Mountains tries to keep a presence at the Legislature as much as possible, and we’ll try to keep you posted on the various twists and turns. Click on the image for the latest report filed by our field rep on Sunday, March 23, and STAY TUNED to this blog space for futureupdates! (Or subscribe to our RSS feed to get them automatically.)